Friday, June 4, 2021

Why? How?


Were you able to answer, why true reality is humanity and the holy?  

The song "Row Row Row Your Boat" should play in the background while contemplating the answer to this question.  


Why not a reality of power, of Caesar, where money talks and the superficial gawks, where fear reigns and insecurity gains?  

It happens doesn't it?  

Abuses in power and crimes against humanity, greed, privilege…

The sins are real.  

Hate is real. Isn't it?  

No matter what transpires in life, the tragedies and the triumphs, it all ends in the end, downstream.

No matter our choices, beliefs, deeds or misdeeds, how we row, if we row, it still ends downstream (in death in Judgement on Judgement Day).  

How then can true reality be connected and subjugated to humanity and the holy (when clearly some false ministers would lead you to believe we are all sinners, thus sins rule; and social economic inequities would lead you to believe materialistic greed and power rule in privilege)?  


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