Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Future


Look across the vastness of time.  

See into the future grounded in the past.  

For most, the future is what we can imagine, not necessarily what will be.  

Much like what we imagine our life to be is not how it will work out.  

Much like what we imagine ourselves to be is not how we turn out.  

Are we brave?  

Are we able to brave the truth?  

What is the truth?  

Is the truth one fact, one spec of information in the multitude of data streams or does it encompass a whole construct and paradigm?  

What is the truth in future?  

If you predict the future, what you predict depends upon your truth, what it encompasses depends upon what you value, what you are interested in.  

Look upon the time as a continuous process.  

If you destroy something in today's process, it will be destroyed in the future, because it never came to be.

If you side track something in today's process, it will continue on that tangent until corrections occur in the future process.  

If you predict something, then manifest it into reality by working towards it, then it is a work in progress.  

Depending on what that prediction is, success or failure depends upon the process within the process by which the future is brought into fruition.

In other words, reaping what you sow in the process of what it is you sow. 

Future self, who you are, is in how you build your character and pass your test of character today.  

Though you may not know what hand you will be dealt, how you play your hand determines what is sowed into your destiny (in the future).

Future society is an all encompassing process of different processes sowed today, building upon present accomplishments or decaying upon present disasters.   

Your whole process is completed or your journey ends upon death.  

What is judged, is your whole process in your life's journey; who you turned out to be.  

The history of humanity is yet to be decided.  

It is a continuous process or journey on into the future until the end.  

What is predicted are snapshots of a miniscule part of the future process, and will not come true if any part of that process is disturbed, interrupted, sabotaged, corrupted or destroyed.  

If you become corrupted and compromised then your future salvation will be in jeopardy.  

That is just how it works.  

Therefore, if you want salvation, you must have and sow integrity, honesty, truth, decency, love, kindness, compassion, grace and goodness of character now and into the future (which will allow you to be compatible with heaven).  

The same goes if you want a bright future for yourself and your kids.  

Whatever you predict of the future, it is cumulative processes based upon today's outcomes.

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....