Wednesday, April 7, 2021


There is a reason, there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven.  

Though there is a time for everything, the timing is not set in stone, just as the future is not set in stone.  

That is why it is vital we each try to meet each moment in accordance with the purpose set forth by the Lord, otherwise, the timing and the results will be all off.  

Even if you see the future of an event, you can only meet or experience that event in the present, meaning being able to deal with it first hand.  

While you are waiting, you can prepare for it, as you would for any test.

For example, John the Baptist paved the way for Jesus, because he knew Jesus was coming. But could not baptize Jesus until actual arrival.  

If John the Baptist failed to prepare the way and do what he was supposed to then, Jesus would not have been able to be baptized by him (then the question becomes who else?)

Another example, let say COVID-19 was predicted that it will occur sometime in the near future, but if you fail to prepare containment, treatment and vaccine, then the results will be worse when the moment is met.  

COVID-19 virus by its nature can only replicate in a host. The transition is by a host.  

If you do not provide a host, it ceases to exist in air droplets after three hours and on hard surfaces after three days*.  

Aside from the nature of the virus, how contagious and virulent, human behaviors dictate how bably it will be transmitted into the future.  

In other words, if we do not do what we are supposed to do then the future will be even bleaker than it is now.  

You can predict what it might be, but what good would it be if you botch it in the moment? 

The end results will depend upon how well you tackle any situation; hopefully with preparedness, intelligence, strategy, wisdom, bravery, (the list goes on) and included within are your tests of character.  

Present failures in ignorance end in catastrophic results which reverberates into the future. 

Present successes in wisdom end in positive or better than expected results which also reverberates into the future.  

As with any advancements, it is built upon each preceding accomplishments.  

Any future advancement depends upon today's accomplishments.  

In other words, you reap what you sow.  

If you only sow weeds of hate, sins and lies, you will not reap much and in the end those failures in tests of character will have damning results.  

The future is what we make of it.  

It is shaped by how we prepare for it.  

And it is formed by what and how we sow, not by what we predict. 


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