Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Do You Have The Lord's Vote For Salvation?


Life is not a popularity contest.  

The only vote you need to pass the test of life is the Lord's vote.  

The only test you need to pass is the Lord's test of character.  

If you treat life like a t.v. show for the ratings which only appeals to a certain demographic, certain tastes and preferences, you lose out on the rests, on all of it, the meaning of life.  

When you teach your children the difference between right and wrong, do you first take a vote asking strangers to determine your decision?  

Yes, we vote for our leaders, lawfully, (and we vote on laws within the frame of our Constitution- otherwise, unconstitutional and unlawful), when the leader is determined, we expect the leader to lead, not continuously play popularity contests and games with questionable actors (which never should have happened to the first place). 

When you disrespect the true heroes, the teachers, first responders and defenders, the ones true angels respect and the Lord approves, you go against the holy and run the risk of damnation.  

When you respect the unholy, the liars, the tricksters, the haters, the cockroaches, abuse of power abusers and murderers, the ones the angels disdain and the Lord condemns, you run the risk of ending up in hell with them. 

Do you have the Lord's vote for salvation?  

Will you pass the Lord's tests of character?

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