Saturday, March 13, 2021

Which Is the Real Path of Salvation?


What kind of church has no decency?  

What kind of church has no truth, 
no integrity?  

What kind of church has no ethics?

What kind? 

When churches are infiltrated by sexual predators and abusers at highest levels and members are groomed to accept sexual immorality, greed and capital sins, then no salvation is possible.  


Because of the shift from holy practices to wishful thinking and grooming lead to nowhere, but hell.  

Yes, forgiveness is a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith, but it is not the only tenet.  

Forgiveness is for the injured party or victim to give, not the perpetrator of sins to give to self.

When this happens unrepentant sins pile up and each count of sins add up to more corruption of the soul and damnation possibilities.  

If you have sinned, which is the real path of salvation?  

Is it in forgiveness of sins unrepentant?  

No, because how can the sinner receive forgiveness without first the confession of sin(s), remorse for the harm and suffering caused, repentance and atonement?  

The path of true salvation is in redemption, in the process of redeeming corrupt self by purification from the unclean, unholy sin(s).  

For the church to fulfill its purpose of being the beacon of light, it must be the light, not the corruptor of light.  

It means the church must defend against sin(s), not give footholds to sin(s), have checks and balances against abuses of power, and hold itself accountable for any incursions of crimes perpetrated by sexual predators and abusers. 

If the church can develop best practices, then the blessings of the Holy Spirit will come forth, otherwise, blessings will be blocked and turned into damnation by unclean minds with unholy thoughts and rotten souls.  

What your church will be is up to you.  

Whether you have the possibility of salvation or damnation is again up to you. 

You decide who you want and will be.  

However, know that the Lord ultimately decides if you or your church will pass muster.  

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...