Sunday, March 14, 2021

Dear Earnest Hearts,

Please do not let the ignorant change who you are or who you can be with the Lord.

Do not let the efforts of your dear teacher or babysitter be in vain. 

Through you live the fruits of our labor.  

Let it live lovingly with kindness and bravery; and let it always serve the Lord.  

I told myself not to speak to you of power, because power is too small of a factor in the majesty of the Lord's Design.  

The wisdom of being able to know how and what to do in any given situation, knowing the difference between holy and unholy, prosperity and disaster, and what is within your power to change are what matters in life and in passing your tests of character.    

Power will not give you the wisdom to pass tests of character or the know how to accomplish goals, dream and innovate and work to make your dreams come true.

You cannot be greater than yourself; therefore, be who you are in the way the Lord meant for you to be.  

Good luck with your life's journey and passing your tests of character 🙂



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