Sunday, March 28, 2021

Did You Win?


When you play a game, do you play to win?  

How far will you go to win?  

Use questionable "special" people making grandiose claims to win?

What is so special about grandiose megalomania in delusional lies of superpower and abuse of power?  

What would you have won?  

The ability to heal people?  Or spread more sickness?

Raise people from the dead?  Or caused more death?

What would you have gained?  Or lost more economic wealth? 

Have greater intelligence?  Or lost more I.Q.?

Earned greater respect and respectability?  Or lost respect and honor?  

Have greater standing with people and the world?  Or lost standing and trust?  

Lead you towards salvation?  Or lead you towards hell?

Real abilities?  Or the grandiose boasts and lies?  

When you use grandiose super nonsense gibberish megalomaniacs, you are complicit to false idols, prophets and ministers practicing megalomania which are capital sins of greed for power; you are fools, guilty of idol worship, also a form of capital sin of greed for power headed for destruction and hell. 

As soon as you sell your soul to slaves of Satan, you become the slaves and you lose the ultimate game of life, salvation.  

Did you win?  

Do you know?

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