Sunday, March 28, 2021



Hope does not come from wishful thinking, lies, ignorance or misinformation.  

True hope in salvation comes from redemption, an adherence to the teaching of Christ and ethical Laws and practices of the Teachings realized (kindness, compassion, charity, fellowship); the ability to pass the Lord's Judgement of character.  

The majority of the hurdle is in the try.  

There are clues to how the Lord will judge throughout scripture.  

If the corruption rises to the level of Sodom and Gomorrah* to where even angels are targets of rape, then Judgement will be severe.

Slights that rises to level of slaps across the face can be forgiven, but not unholy acts to where Jesus Christ will tell the wicked to get away or the unholy hypocrites that will be condemned to hell. 

The requirement (how you will know where you are in Judgement) in each case is how well you can receive the Holy Spirit, love and peace; it is not power or a force that will block the meek gentleness of peace and warmth in the heart to where you cannot receive.

If you think and live in terms of power, you will unlikely be able to receive the Holy Spirit, love and peace, let alone receive forgiveness for any sins repented and atoned.  

True hope in life comes from healing and giving hearts committed to serving the Lord and being stewards of the earth and humanity; people that will put their talents to work in finding positive solutions for the problems of the world.  

For example, the innovations in the vaccines for COVID-19 stemmed from people interested in finding cures to help people. Without the desire to help and heal there will be no will to work on the problem.  

People helping people and working together is what gives hope to any situation.

The Lord is always with you, you need only receive the Holy Spirit.  

Hope is always there even in the darkest of times, you need only find it.  

As long as there are helpers in the world, healers and healing hearts, there is hope.  

You must do your part, as we must all, to follow the Holy Spirit, adhere to the Teachings and to serve the Lord and humanity.

* The capital sin is in the rape not homosexuality (love is not a crime, but violations in lust is a capital sin).

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