Sunday, February 21, 2021

Your True Color


When you look at the problem at hand, what do you see?  

Sight is an important aspect of being able to deal with a problem.  

After all, you have to be able to see a problem first  to deal with it.  

And there is no way to predict a problem if you do not have the empathy or sensitivity to anticipate or relate to the negative consequences and see the problem arising. 

So, what is the problem, the sight problem? 

What do you see in yourself?  

What are your true colors? 

How does your sight color your perceptions of yourself and the world?  

Are your true colors now, the colors you were born with?  

In other words, does your true self now match the self the Lord intended for you to be?  

The materialistic world offers many temptations and distractions into its shallow pond of scum and delusions of grandeur and control in power of Caesar.  

And winning the rat race might appear to some all that matters, when what matters is how you are Judged by the Lord.  

If you become corrupted and influenced by the superficial, what you will see will be superficial.  

What you will predict will be superficial.  

And what you win will also be superficial.  

Which is why it is important to keep your heart pure and your mind clean, otherwise what you will see now and into the future will be the gutter and not the Lord.  

What are your true colors?  

And do they match the Lord's original Blueprint for you?

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