Sunday, February 21, 2021

Emotional Intelligence


Hopefully, you have taken the time to see your true colors or the color of your soul.  

Now, let's examine your emotions which impact and deepen the color of your soul.  

Are you….

Fearful?  or Fearless?

Hateful? or Loving? 

Angry?  or Calm? 

Cruel?  or Kind? 

Jealous?  or Charitable? 

Selfish?  or Grateful? 

Insecure?  or Confident?

Sad?  or Joyful? 

The range of your emotions not only colors your soul, but also impact your life's choices and perception of experiences.  

For example, whether you view the glass as half empty or half full.  

Whether you can identify and express your emotions, determine how well your relationships work, based upon confidence, trust, love or insecurities and fear.  

Test your emotional intelligence or your ability to identify emotional problems within yourself and in others.  

Research some sites or click here (meant as a guideline not a definitive test or endorsement of site).

Emotional IQ is important because it determines level of self-control, self-esteem, self-awareness, empathy, motivation, self-determination and fellowship.   

  When a person fails to act in good faith, that person is breaking his or her fiduciary duty, word, honor and the bond of trust.   And when...