Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Still Only Human


Delighting in the unholy, tripping on power trips, getting off on one's own damnation, seem to be the only pursuit of your so-called friend.  

Acquiring power, hate, trophies and material wealth, while wallowing in imagined super powers of superhuman strength, seem to be the only goal of your so-called friend.  

Superhuman strength is brawn not brain; raising your fist or power will not help you fight COVID-19 or put food on the table or anything that will give you entry to heaven.  

And super insensitivity in abuses of power is inhumane not empathic; wallowing in the grandiose, will not give you wisdom or empathy that will help to understand life, the Lord or anything.

None, but love and grace or hate and sins, can be taken with a person in death.  

Judgement is the Lord's and based upon the  person's character which is determined by his or her deeds and sins.  

If you use your strength, human or superhuman, to cause harm, sin or abuse, it will get you into hot water with the Lord and into hell if one remains unrepentant and not atoned.    

Do not believe (in the Lord)?  

Then try to live forever, escape Judgement and stop yourself from growing older.

Eventually whether you like it or not we all will face the ultimate truth.  


Because we are all human; normal or not, sensitive or not, super or not, still only human.

(And like it or not, we cannot live forever, must eventually face Judgement and cannot stop ourselves from growing older.)

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