Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Dangerous Practice For the Soul


Blame-shifting is a dangerous practice for the soul.  


Because some people cannot tell the difference between acceptable or unacceptable; and even holy or unholy.  

For example, there is a difference between blaming not turning in one's homework on the dog eating it and blaming not wearing a mask during a real pandemic on a fake hoax.  

The above example is what kind of example? acceptable or unacceptable blame; or holy or unholy blame?

Do you know which kind?

Blame-shifting becomes dangerous when the shifting the blame is based upon sinful behaviors.  

Sin(s) corrupts the soul; leads to damnation and dishonor.  

In order for redemption to occur, the sinner must take responsibility for one's own actions by confessing, repenting and atoning sin(s).  

For the sinner, there is no chance of salvation without redemption.  

In addition, shifting of blame actually gives up power over self control and the blamer becomes smaller for it. 

The replacing of the void of self determinate with hate, grandiosity or abuse of power does not regain sense of real self until one fully take responsibility of self and own actions.  

If you want salvation, you must have best practices in the holy and avoid dangerous practices that can lead to forever damnation.  

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