Friday, December 11, 2020

Real Sacrileges in Damnation Dishonor and Disgrace


Sad; it feels like your so-called friends have allowed for sexual abuses and other abuses to  continuously occur again on a daily basis.  

Sexual abuses are among the most heinous crimes, crimes against humanity and the Lord.  

Not only are there unholy violations against the victim, but sacrileges perpetrated against what belongs to the Lord.  

Aiding and abetting in crimes against humanity is also a crime and damnable offenses.

Continued and continuous failures to protect from harm and abuses of power are also crimes. 

The grooming of people and children into Sodom and Gomorrah-like conditions are all damnable.

What you allow to occur today, sowed in abuses and crimes against humanity or not, will determine how your children behave and your destiny with the Lord or not.

When you sweep heinous and damnable offenses, sins and crimes under the rug then perpetrators are able to commit crimes and sins over and over again.  

And if ever on the path of redemption, these unholy sinners will have to confess, repent and atone for each count of their sins and crimes in order to be fully redeemed.  

Is it even possible before the Unholies' death on Judgement Day for them to be presentable before the Lord? 

Don't know, but it will never happen if there is no effort to fully confess, repent and atone for the continuous sins and crimes against humanity.  

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