Monday, December 21, 2020

Difference Between Forgiveness of Sin and Redemption


What is the difference between forgiveness of sin and redemption from sin?  

Describe the process between the two kinds of spiritual acts, forgiveness and redemption.  

When do you need to apply the process of forgiveness and when do need to apply the process of redemption?  

What happens when you do not forgive or do not redeem yourself?  

What are the consequences?  

The problem with mistaking one process for the other is that if you need to forgive or need redemption it never can be accomplished or achieved.  

If you are a victim, did you do anything wrong?  

Should you be blamed for the sins if the perpetrator(s) sinner(s)?  

Does forgiveness wipe away the crimes of sins, the injuries and harm (as if it never happened)?  

Who is actually offering the process of forgiveness, the victim or sinner?  

What happens with the sinner if the process stops at forgiveness (from the victim)?  

Will the sinner even be able to receive forgiveness without remorse or repentance?   

Believing that you have gotten away with sins or crimes, does not mean that there is redemption or accountability to the Lord.  

If unclean or unholy, then still would be unclean or unholy without redemption (even if forgiveness by victim; and there can be no forgiveness by the Lord without first confession of sin(s)).  

When living in sins and lies, will the sinner ever have standing with the Lord?   

Be careful of wolves in shepherd's clothing, because unholies have no moral authority or standing with the Lord to give absolution or forgiveness.  

And redemption cannot come from outside of the sinner; only the sinner can clean self up from the inside (just as those addicted to drugs, alcohol are the only ones able to get clean with help from AA, but first have to have to desire to do so).   

As with any process, it takes work in order to work through the process to achieve results.   

And must complete all the steps (stopping at one in the Twelve Step process, will not accomplish what is necessary in order to stop and fully recover) of redemption (must be completely clean).  

Therefore, what is the difference between forgiveness of sin and redemption from sin?  

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