Sunday, December 20, 2020



Do you remember your original purpose (assigned to you from the beginning by the Lord)?  

Few do remember; if not, do you bother to search and discover their purpose (assigned by the Lord) in the journey of life? 

Think back, what were your original attributes?  

Do they match who you are today?  

Did you grow into your purpose or out of it?  

Doctors take an oath to "do no harm"; 

Any person acting under the color of the law must "keep from harm"; 

And you, as children of the Lord must, not only, do no harm (by sinning) to self, original purpose and others (in abuses or hate), but keep from harm (no footholds in sins) to self, original purpose and others (let harm, abuses or hate happen); in order to be able to fulfill the purpose the Lord instilled in you from the beginning.  

Where are you in fulfilling the purpose the Lord originally meant for you?  


How helpful are you to the service of humanity and the Lord?  

And what harm, if any, have you caused?  

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