Monday, August 10, 2020

If You Don't Agree - Take an Investigative Look


If Copycats stole the advanced copy of the Teacher's answers, then took backwards steps to change the answers so that it is all wrong, then the catastrophic fails that have followed is strickly based upon their idiocy.   

Coming up with wrong answers after you have the correct answers is unbelievably dumb.  

If you are looking to me for sympathy, don't, because I have stated many times for you to remove these thieves and saboteurs pretending to be superheroes with super powers by fraud, satotage, abuses, and abuses in power.

No one is all powerful and all knowing, except the Lord.  

To attempt and try to control people by altering their wills and answers, is to force wrong answers and change a person from being who they are to something they are not; and it is completely unholy and inhumane. 

The outcomes are cruel and unusual treatments, crimes against humanity and catastrophic fails in safety and security, and many other areas.

Also the unholy practices of grotesque grandiose delusions of power are just  lies and psychosis in grand lies, because no one is all powerful in every area of talent, ability and intellect.  

Failure to comprehend this very basic fact, results in failures to comprehend who holds the keys to which talents, abilities and intellect and therefore who has the knowledge of power in these areas.  

If you believe knowledge is power, then it follows that whoever has the knowledge in a talent area has the power (to create it).

If you do not believe this is true and believe the grandiose lies of false super-idols and ministers, then take a good investigative look at what has happened and transpired with the so-called Superpower-Superidiots' handling and understanding of COVID-19 and other matters.

Those in power do have the power to abuse and destroy, to commit crimes and crimes against humanity and to mess people up and make a mess of things, but these negative acts only leads to damnation, destruction and negative outcomes with severe decreases in standing with the Lord and world.  

  “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”        ...