Sunday, August 9, 2020

Granted By the Lord


The Lord decides on the granting of talent, intelligence and ability. 

Talent, intelligence and ability innate is determined by the Lord.

If you were to put a billion dollars and a billion man hours into creative innovations without the talent for innovation, it is highly doubtful it would amount to much.  

This hyperfocus by society toward the materialism, throwing money at a problem -without vision or focused strategy and creativity in innovations, causes wastes: stagnation, regressions and decreased power and influence.

For example, the lack of a global and national vision or strategy on battling the COVID-19, allowed the pandemic to escalate out of control at great costs in lives, livelihoods, power and funding.

How much will it cost in lives, livelihoods, power and funding in the end?  

It does no good to follow false idols that do not have a talent for anything, but lies (pretending one could read without reading comprehension is not reading).

Because lies will not defend you against COVID-19 or adversaries intent of causing harm.  

And lies will not keep the work flowing and innovations coming to build and rebuild GDP.   

Without positive and innovative/ creative solutions and strategies, we become passive* and are at the mercy of circumstances, adversaries or pandemics.  

The costs are only going to add up and to be greater than if we had.

We need to proactively address the issues facing us in coherent, intellgent, innovative and globally strategic manner, so that we are not passive* or at the mercy of circumstances or adversaries. 

We need to follow the Lord and follow the people the Lord granted with innate talent, intelligence and ability; and make sure that they have the positive character attributes to live up to their God given talent.


*passive in this case also means not addressing underlying issues, such as rasicm or abuse of power (aggressively flailing about posturing or railing at problems or causing more problems  without addressing the problems with real solutions does not accomplish much and therefore is nonsense and passive). 

Thank You

Thank you brave defenders of democracy and humanity for defending the values, the people and children that make this world a better place - ...