Thursday, August 20, 2020

Critical Junctures


There are critical junctures in life and most are not aware until it passes them by.  

Junctures that determines a person's fate or define a person's character and life.  

What seemingly innocent happenstance can unwittingly turn into a blessing or a curse.   

What can people do to increase possibly of blessings and decrease tragedies? 

Follow Lord in the Holy Spirit.  

And if you do not know how to connect to your better angels or the Holy Spirit, vet a person who can.  

If course people can get fooled by someone who is a wolf in sheep's or shepherd's clothing, but by her or his actions and track records, their true colors will be revealed.  

Try to remember the adage, "garbage in garbage out".  

Do not expect genius level work or outcomes from ignorant idiots, because it simply would not be possible (in total lack of ability and competence).  

Try to actually pick the best of the best in character, merit and qualifications.  

We never know all the situations we might face, identify all the critical junctions in life, but we can increase our chances for better outcomes and wiser solutions, if we have the best in play for better outcomes out.    

Take it from someone with experience of "friends" turned Jusases with selfish or dishonorable intentions, where regret and failure to recogize wolves and abusers in shepherd's clothing, cost happiness and resulted in great pain and suffering, there are critical junctures in life.  

Whether these critical junctures, become great tragedies or blessings remain to be seen.  

The outcome depends upon people choosing wisely and not taking things or love for granted. 

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