Saturday, April 25, 2020

Upon Reflection


Now is obviously the time for self reflection and meditation.

Take a good look at yourself first before looking at the world, because it matters what kind of lens you see through.  

How you perceive yourself affects how you view the world and people. 

When you start reflecting, begin at the end on Judgement Day.  

What do you think the Lord's Judgement will be?

Take out all the wishful thinking and base it on your true colors and actual actions in life.  

The Lord will follow the highest standards of ethics and goodness.

Basically based upon how well you have been obeying Jesus Christ's Commandments to love (includes respect) of the Lord with all and love neighbor as yourself (includes respect what the Lord has created and thus belongs to the Lord).

How far apart you are from the Lord's measuring stick is how far you are from salvation.

The notion that by simple belief in the Lord grants you automatic entry into Heaven only applies if one, you are compatible with the holy and two, if you have the purity of heart to see the Lord and Heaven's Gate to receive entry.

How well did you do? 

How good are you?

The good news is that there are chances always to be a better person (today and everyday).

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