Friday, March 27, 2020

Test of Honor


What is honor*?

Honor is having self-respect and having good self-esteem and regard for the Lord and all people (by respecting); and having the integrity to meet the  standards and expectations of character (by the Lord and by humanity).

The Lord commanded us to honor the to love the Lord and love thy neighbor as yourself. 

The Lord also expects us to honor or hold in great esteem our mother and father (while still being true to yourself).

What then is a test of honor?

A test of honor can range from testing your respect of the Lord to your respect of people (the Lord's children), to your  character (having the integrity and ability to adhere to ethical or moral standards of the Lord in good conduct).

If you pass, you bring honor to your name and family in front of the Lord.  

If you fail, you bring dishonor, disgrace and shame to yourself and family in an affront to the Lord.

Each fail brings you further away from the Lord (and yourself) and each pass brings you closer.

But know that by dishonoring others is sacriledgious and unholy for it is against the Lord's Commandments; and it reveals the true character of the perpetrator or sinner in dishonor (of character).

Know also that honor is closely tied to integrity and purity of character and soul; without it you will not see the
Lord or Heaven's Gate in the Light.

*Honor is defined in the dictionary as having high respect or great esteem.  It is also having the integrity to adhere to doing what is right.  

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