Saturday, March 28, 2020

What Happens When You Do Not Have Excellence?


What would it take for some to realize consequences?

When things run smoothly, you do not realize anything is wrong, because nothing has gone wrong; some take it for granted.

Do you know what happens when things do not run at the highest level of excellence? 

Do you know what happens when things run at incompetence or bad practices? 

Overtime, the culmination and cumulative effects of incompetences and bad practices result in more harm, damages, things going wrong and greater negative consequences .  

This is the same problem if you allow even a little foothold in sin and corruptions of character.  

Overtime you will commit more sins and fail more tests of character and move even further away from salvation and the Lord. 

Having best practices, good conduct and excellence in everything ensure mitigation of negative consequences and maximization of positives pathways in life and salvation.

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