Friday, November 29, 2019

Lord's Purpose


Because we are children of the Lord, our origins are good and filled with good purpose.  

When people forsake the Lord and covet what belongs to the Lord (every person and thing), then not only is it sacrilegious, it goes against the Lord's Purpose, Commandments and Teachings.

Is it appropriate to take from the Lord?

Not only it it inappropriate to take from the Lord, it is sacriledgious.

You receive the blessings and gifts from the Lord with gratitude and thanksgiving.

It is the same with any children of the Lord. 

You do not take or steal what you want; and also not consider the Purpose or harm caused by selfish desires and sins.

What belongs to a person is assigned to that person by the Lord for safe keeping; it is still the Lord's.

For example, your children is assigned to you for safe keeping, but they still belong to the Lord (They are their own person).

You have to be considerate and careful not to mess up the Lord's Purpose for a person and humanity.

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