Thursday, November 28, 2019

Credit Goes to the Lord


All credit goes to the Lord and the real and true helpers of the Lord.

Do you think the Lord ever mean to have anything bad to happen to you?

When something bad happens, it is usually due to sins of man and Satan (causes pollution, corruption, abuses and other problems).  

Every purpose of under Heaven then becomes disrupted and sometimes even destroyed.

The statement, everything happens for a reason, is true.

Good things happen as result of the Lord (Holy Spirit), the hard work of the Lord's helpers and good will; the reason bad things happen is because of bad behaviors and practices, sins, Satan and bad will (Garbage in, garbage out).

Because of the strength of the Holy Spirit, the gifts and love of the Lord and the Lord's helpers, a person is able to overcome, inspite of the challenges, hardships, abuses or tragedies caused by sinners and Satan.

There is no excuse for sin.

All credit of good goes to the Lord and the real and true helpers of the Lord.

Thank You

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