Friday, September 27, 2019

Response to the Ignorant


Do you think it bad to be nice or good?

In today's hyper-competitive society, there is such a thing as being too nice, because you cannot "win" when you are too nice.

Nice, according to hyper-competitors, is not a positive attribute, but a bad and terrible weakness.

If you are nice, then bullies can walk all over you and you will lose at any competition, because you lack the "killer" instinct.

Very strange that these so-called  "winners" or hyper-competitors know better than Jesus Christ when in a sermon stated, "the meek shall inherit the earth." 

When addressing the ills of society, the inequalities of injustices or abuses in power that we should devolve into uncivilized aggressors and act like bebased animals, where violence begets violence and hate begets hate, that somehow these problems will then be solved, is foolish, arrogant and ignorant.  

Where is the widsom in causing the same problems you are hoping to solve?

How then should we address the ills of society, the inequalities of injustices or abuses in power?

In aggression? Competition? Arrogance? Ignorance?

Without wisdom, the ability to identify the problem, to understand, to solve, to innovate, to inspire then no substantive achievements or positive solutions can be accomplsihed.

The attribute of being nice does not mean letting bullies walk all over you or not upholding ethical values or not sticking to your guns or not being competitive or even letting perps get away with crimes or letting sinners sin; it means having no ill will towards others, behaving like a civilized person and having no aggression by doing no harm.

Any perceived harm from someone that is actually nice are results of hyper-competition or hyper-selfishness on the part of instigators and aggressors; whereby the abuser is always blaming the victim(s) or someone else for their abuses in power, sins or crimes.

Thank You

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