Thursday, September 12, 2019

Invitation to Heaven


Do you think you can force your way into Heaven?

Do you think the most powerful human is more powerful than the Lord?

Do you think the most powerful villain is more powerful than Satan?

Even if sinners are forgiven for sins, what are they, but empty negative vessels without positive attributes and grace (therefore, not likely to get into Heaven).  

If you have sinned, I would not count on the Lord's forgiveness or grace, without first putting in the work of redemption.  

Based upon history and Jesus Christ's own words, the answer will most likely be "get away you unholy people".

If you want to live up to the Lord's promise, make sure your vessel is positive and filled with positive attributes and grace. 

Do your best.  

You can ask or try to cajole, but in the end, the invitation to Heaven is up to the Lord.

Thank You

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