Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Exacting Essence


For some reason, I am to write down what I told you the other day.

When people think about love and peace or any intangible essence, they rarely think in terms of exacting essence or standards.  

In other words, rarely treat it as if it is an exact science, because how would you measure it?

Regardless of how you measure it, its amounts are clearly measured and defined by the Holy Spirit.  

What do I mean by exacting essence? 

It basically translates to the essences within you that determines whether or not you are on the path of the narrow way.  

The intangible essences are determinants of your character, minset, heart and conditions of your soul.  

In essence, metaphysics follow stricter laws than physics and is more exacting.

Because the outcome, whether you are on the narrow way, depth of connection in it (or not), requires depth of understanding and practice of metaphysical laws, law of the prophets or Jesus Christ's Commandments.

All of which will clearly define you (your character, mindset, heart and soul).  

If you are outside the narrow way, no amount of wishful thinking or belief, will get you on the narrow way.  

In other words, believing you are saved is not the same as actually being saved; the Truth is the Truth.

You must take concrete steps to be in the narraw way and practice the law of the prophets in order to truly be saved.

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