Sunday, September 8, 2019

Who Would You Choose?


If you were to go into battle, who would you choose for a general?  

If you were going to pick a chess master, who would you choose?

If you have to pick a teacher, who would you choose?

In many situations, it's the person that have the intellectual capacity and capability that will have the ability to save the day.

Unfortunately in today's sometimes superficial, disrespectful and dishonorable world, merit, talent and priceless gifts of love and lights are underappreciated, neglected and even abused.

Quite frantly, most of these ungrateful snots would not be anywhere or be anything without great teachers or their priceless gifts.  

When in life or death situations, who would you choose to save your life?  

When in Life or Death situations, who would you choose to save your soul? 

Thank You

Thank you brave defenders of democracy and humanity for defending the values, the people and children that make this world a better place - ...