Friday, September 20, 2019

Assumption of Forgiveness


I am not sure why sinners assume forgiveness by the Lord (just because they believe in the Lord; what has one got to do with the other?).

It is dangerous to assume the Lord forgives the sinner for sins.

When the sinner assumes the Lord has forgiven, but has not then the sinner will not fully repent and atone; therefore, no redemption and no salvation.

Full redemption involves confession of sin, remorse for committing the sin, remorse for harm and injuries caused by sin, understanding of why wrong to sin and wrong to harm by sin, repentance of sin, atonement for wrongs and harm caused by sinner in sin, then the ask and seek forgiveness of sins (somewhere in there the sinner has to take responsibility for his or her sin).

I am not sure why any sinner would do less, because it would mean no salvation.

And depending upon the severity of sin, it could mean for the sinner eternal Damnation.

Why not be safe and not make false assumptions?

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