Saturday, July 27, 2019

Stop Grooming and Sin


How many times do you let a person be abused, harassed or bullied?  How many times?

Do no harm.

Protect and defend from harm and threats are mission statements for most law enforcement agencies.

Protect and defend from harm and sin should be a major part mission statements for most churches.

Unfortunately, the grooming by Unholies often cause the protections and defenses to be ignored and unenforced.

The maniputation, lies, blame and perversion of ideals and truth are part and parcel of the grooming processs.

Grooming by Unholies are insidious, frequent, continuous and unreasonable.

The Unholies will use forgiveness as a weapon which is a sacrilege.

The need for forgiveness arises after a sin has been committed and resulting harm and injuries.

Forgiveness neither protect or defend from harm since it is an after the sin and injuries process.

Presumption of innocence arises after there are allegations of harm, sin or crime; and a matter of reasonableness is required in its application.

When there are credible allegations or evidence of harm or threat, then there must be suspention or removal of the harm or threat pending investigation.

For example, if you witness a perpatator armed with a weapon going into a school, you do not presume the threat innocent, and should not wait to call in law enforcement.

Failure to stop grooming and abuses leads to corruption and more sins.

The victims will suffer injuries time and time again.  The perpetrators will slave in sins and crime.  And the children and society will inherite the harm from these patterns of bad practices, injuries and sins.   

Be aware of grooming by Unholies, stop the harm, its threats and sins.

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...