Friday, July 26, 2019

Silence in Sin


The code of silence in the face of crimes against humanity or sins is an act of cowardice.

There is a saying that states, "For bad men to accomplish their purposes it is only necessary that good men do nothing."

This cowardice code also signify the failure to be a man/woman (by not owning up to mistakes and taking responsibility for one's own actions).

Silence in the face of sins or crimes against humanity is also a form of complicity that can be likened to being an accomplice to sins and Satan.

It leads to a failure to confess sins or crimes that eliminates the path of redemption and honor.

Ultimately, its silence leads to the failure to fulfill the purpose set forth by the Lord (by not being and doing what the Lord expects) and damnation.

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....