Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Path of Salvation


Ask is there really a path to salvation?

Are you on the narrow way? Is the church?

Leaders in churches must have the highest ethics, morals and integrity that exemplify the Holy Spirit.

Churches must have best practices that allow for the practice of grace; and be becans of Light and Life.

You might find it strange to question whether these statements are true, but at times, sin and corruption occurs and must be rooted out.

Unfortunately, most churches lack the mechanisms to be tough on sin and crime.

Unholy predator sinners often use forgiveness as a grooming and manipulation tool that is not only sacriledgious, but damnable, because of the elimination of redemption.

Redemption is eliminated when the first step of the process, beginning with the confession of sin, does not occur; then neither does repentance or atonement occur. 

Once redemption is eliminated for the sinner, there is no possibility of salvation or even purgatory.

Remember, for the sinner, the possibility of forgiveness does not occur until the end of the redemption process, not the beginning.  

If there is no path of salvation, what then is the purpose of church?

Ask is there a path to salvation (that is real and not wishful thinking)?

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