Wednesday, June 26, 2019



Do you know what happens to the very insecure or fearful?

Do you know what happens to the very secure of false or inaccurate notions or the grandiose delusionals?

These persons are susceptible to corruption and abuse of power (power and control) or/and incitement into violence against any person or organization that disagrees with their beliefs.

Even if a person's beliefs are true,  are they ever complete?

Will a person ever achieve full and complete understanding of the Lord or even understanding of all physics and everything in the world or the universe?

Each individual is unique; no two persons are exactly the same, therefore, no two paths to the Way will be the same ( the Way that can be named is not the Way).

Enlightenment can never be achieved without questioning current thoughts or preconceived notions and neither can any advancements in science. 

Therefore, I encourage you to strive for self-esteem, not in right or wrong, and understanding in wisdom and enlightenment, not for power and control in ignorance and abuse.

I hope you find your individual way to the Lord and a good journey with the Holy Spirit in enlightenment.

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