Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Assumptions of Forgivness


I know you want to believe your friend,  the false minister.

But I caution you against blind belief in his distorted and misleading interpretations of the truth, in order to cover-up his inadequacies, sins and lies.

Forgiveness should never be used as a weapon or manipulation tool to alleviate guilt and sinful practices or/and to blame the victim.

If you have sinned, you should never assume you are forgiven by the Lord without first admitting, understanding the sin or wrong, have remorse for and atoning for it.

Eternal damnation is a very long time and painful.  It is not the kind of final fate you would want for yourself or your children.

Again, I caution you to apply the law of the prophets in your actions, before assuming (if you were complicite in or guilty of sin(s) are forgiven) you are in good standing with the Lord.


Again, I would like to remind you that if Heaven is about the Forgiveness of the Lord, then Satan would still be there.  Satan was casted out for his bad behaviors and sins.  Therefore,  what do you think you would be Judged on?

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