Friday, February 8, 2019

Live Free


Say no to sin. 

Say no to preachers that preach as if we are all sinners; therefore, we should accept or excuse sin or sinful behavior. 

Say yes to redemption and salvation. 

Say no to the grooming or complicity to sin and sins of the flesh. 

Say no to being treated like sinners, as if we are all criminals guilty of sin. 

Say no to wishful delusions of forgiveness when there is no remorse, no confession of sin, and no atonement; consequently, no redemption or salvation. 

When someone sins or commits crime against humanity and the Lord, no amount of remorse or forgiveness will undo the harm or damage to the soul of the perpetrator or injury to the victim. 

What it does do is begin the process of cleansing the soul or healing the injury. 

If someone sins, treat the sin as if you would treat an addiction or bad habit.  An AA program has twelve steps.  It does the addict no good to only go through the first step or part of the steps then stop there.  

Confession of the problem or sin is the first step; then the addict must work through all the steps in order to stay sober or clean.  This is the same with sin or sinful behaviors.  The sinner must go through all the steps of redemption in order to be saved and have true salvation. 

Say yes to healing, to repentance and to salvation.  

Let the Grace of the Lord be with you by being free from sin. 

Let the Truth set you free. 

Live free.

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...