Friday, February 8, 2019

Be Yourself


I cannot believe that I have to define sin, but I find it often used inappropriately as a tool for hatred and discrimination against a group or person simply for being different. 

A sin is a crime against humanity and the Lord.  A sin is acting without morals and causes injury to the soul or character.  

To condemn a group or person simply for being different or having a different lifestyle is wrong, especially when there is no harm done to person or character or even society and when that is who they are and who they are cannot be changed through any kind of steps or action.

In the final determinate, when we die, we cannot take the color of our skin or our gender with us; we cannot take any material wealth or power; we can only take our character or panache.  

Therefore, do not judge and do not discriminate, especially against those that committed no crime and did nothing wrong. 

There is nothing wrong with being yourself.    

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