Wednesday, July 3, 2024

The haters like only 
Their whites-only book covers.
Hate much any 
And my book cover of colors many.

For some unfathomable reason 
Those covers think 
Its only white abusers
Have superpowers.

Though I have tried to explain 
Through the pain
That it was the Lord that made 
Every book to cover of different colors.

It's no use.
My pleads go unheeded.
I am not tolerated 
Disrespected and abused.

The whites-only covers don't care
Spending all their time in hate
And power trips to bother 
With loving one another.

Ungrateful for all and every blessing 
God made
Running around and round
Playing god and cursing.

Judge and jury
Acting like all things 
Which belongs to the Lord 
Were stolen from them.

Never sharing in the Lord's bounty 
Hoarding away
Idolizing hate and greatest Hate
Destroying all and any in the way.

Trashing the Lord’s creations
Justifying in blame
Committing atrocities 
In shame.

Know now failures to bow down
To whites-only book covers 
Won't be tolerated.
Even when the Hate is grossly overrated.

In the end 
When the book chapters are read 
(By the Lord)
What would not be there
Are the very white book covers so prized.

For you 
Cannot take any cover with you
However liked 
Or despised.

At that end,
You will be judged only
Based on the contents of your book
Not on how your book cover will look.


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