Sunday, June 9, 2024

What's Wrong?


What is the first thing that comes to mind when asked the question 

“What's wrong?”


If what comes to mind is anything other than what's wrong with the immediate issue or the self, then you may have a problem with transference or projection.  

Transference is when someone redirects their feelings about one person onto someone else.*  

Transference can happen in everyday life where feelings, positive or negative, are transferred onto someone else based on past experiences.  

“For example, a woman could feel overly protective of a younger friend who reminds her of her baby sister.”**

Projection is “attributing one's own feelings to another person”.**

In psychoanalysis, projection is seen as a defense mechanism whereby one avoids facing the negative traits within oneself by projecting this problem onto others.  

For example, someone who bullies another for being anxious and insecure may be doing so to avoid acknowledging the same tendencies within themselves.***

Therefore, before you answer what's wrong, make sure you are giving an unbiased answer.  

And when you are asking what's wrong today try to make sure you are not transferring or projecting what’s wrong with the past and issues you have with yourself onto the present situation at hand.  

No answer, prayer or psychoanalysis will be real if you are not truly honest with yourself and you transfer or project away your issues and never deal, because then you're nowhere and elsewhere, but here (in reality).  

Stay tuned for next what's the wrong question:  

What's wrong with __________________?




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