Wednesday, June 5, 2024


The year 2024 can be the year of the women and honorable men who still believe in decency, dignity, and the rule of law uncorrupted by powerful men corrupted and compromised in indecency, lust, greed, and abuse of power.  

Women, girls, and the people should be protected from predators seeking to abuse power for power's sake, bleed dry the system for greed's sake, and use grooming and brainwashing to manipulate the people and system into narcissistic greed, lust and power trips of harm.  

It is time to put a stop to the abuse of power through corruption, greed and compromised behaviors.  

Our democratic republic is fragile and it requires honorable men and women to vigorously defend it from the stench of corruption, compromised and indecent criminal acts of bad players intent on selfish gain without regard for the rule of law and the people.

Sellouts lacking in principles can always be brought for thirty pieces of silver.  

There will never be loyalty to anyone but self selfish greed and the lust for power to do whatever is desired without conscience.  

Those under the misguided thought that such selfish sellouts can be controlled are completely delusional because his promises like his words cannot be trusted.  

There is no honor among thieves, autocrats and tyrants, only threats and acts of violence.  

We need to wake up to the very real threats upon our democracy to compromised corrupt leaders lying, promising everything under the sun to gain political favors while selling out to foreign adversaries in sedition and treason; destroying democracy and the rule of law in the process.  

If someone does the crime, then that someone should do the time; and it should be for each count of unrepentant, abusive threats and criminal acts associated with each count of crime.

Anyone colluding or conspiring with known felons guilty of criminal acts and using threats of violence and harm must also be held accountable. 

Threats to national and world security must be defended against and anyone conspiring with known felons must not be given clearance and must be removed from anything concerning national and world security.



When a person is found guilty of a crime or crimes and that person has no leg to stand on in the rule of law, fighting against the guilty verdict with threats of violence instead of remorse and repentance only makes him a mobster or terrorist, not a fighter.    

  When a person fails to act in good faith, that person is breaking his or her fiduciary duty, word, honor and the bond of trust.   And when...