Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Hypocrites


The hypocrites roam our churches

In prostrations to Satan;

Groomed acceptance to sins of lust, 

In lewd desires of souls- wasted.


The hypocrites roam our politics

In prostrations to the Judas-Caesar,

Abusing power in fear and hate 

Shameful misconducts- misdirected (in blame).

The hypocrites roam our media 

In prostrations to an unholy agenda;

The propaganda of slanderous lies,

Malicious crimes- facts maligned. 

The hypocrites roam our oracles

In prostrations to the heir of Cain;

False idols distorting future sights

In twisted predictions of grandiose megalomania and sinful stain.

The hypocrites will never know love

For lost are the Lord's Commandments of fellowship 

So blinded by power trips, greed, fear and hate.

The hypocrites will never be patriots-

Brave, loyal or true.

For only cowards deal in fear 

And get off on abuse of power to harm (in hate).

The hypocrites will never know honor, The value of freedom, 

And democratic way of justice and peace

While only peddling autocratic lies, war and crimes.

The hypocrites will never see the real future

Seeing through the eyes of fear, hate and sin, 

Puppeteering through power and control manipulations

In self manufactured delusions 

And self manifested dystopian destructions.

The hypocrites are pretenders of brilliance,

Make-believers of lies and nonsense

The never true tricksters of robbed conscience,

Whited sepulchers entombed in sins of hate- rotted in malice.

We need to elect leaders who will vigorously protect and defend:      America and its allies      Democracy      The Constitution      Human...