Saturday, June 29, 2024

Opinion 2


I fear that people with talent and brains will just have to move across the pond to Europe if the big liar wins.  

There will be no rule of law as corruption and anything goes will reign.  

For some reason, people are attracted to investing in crooks and subprime mortgages.  

And no matter how much you dissuade them against looking at just the book cover, those power trip-driven, instant gratification of Caesar folks will only look at the shallow and the hollow.  

I do not like dishonest people, those without service to the Lord and the people of humanity.

I do not like liars who spend all their time in supposed service boasting about themselves, telling whoppers of lies, seeking revenge on others due to their own wrongs, harming people just because he can, trashing the Republic that made him rich, tearing down real heroes that have actually served our country with bravery, and well the list goes on and on because the lack of character of this person is so great.

So many mistakes and harm were made simply due to a lack of duty to care about persons other than himself.  

The stench of shame and disgrace this liar brings is atrocious and quite frankly something I cannot stand.  

I am a person whose word is my bond. 

I do not trust or like people whose word means nothing, except harm. 

There is no need to predict the future when it's foretold in action and deed; the sustainable will be sustainable and the unsustainable will eventually fall.  

Too much has happened, too much harm, too much undefended, the lack of honor and decency too great for my person to have indefinite patience and tolerance for such failings. 

You will make your choice as will I.


May I ask:

Who in their right mind goes into battle with Lockharts at the head? 

Who in their right mind thinks that with Voldermort there is such a thing as winning, especially when his ultimate goal in collusion is destruction of the West?

We need to elect leaders who will vigorously protect and defend:      America and its allies      Democracy      The Constitution      Human...