Saturday, June 22, 2024

Just Stop


When there is clear prejudicial bias with no appearance of honesty from attorney generals or judges then there is no justice.  

When officers of the Justice system collude and conspire with offenders then it is corruption.  

Stop making a mockery of our Justice system and our democracy.

Stop the lies, the slanders, the malfeasance, the dishonesty, the fraud, the corruption, the abuse, the baseless (once accusations are proven in a court of law) retaliations, and the abuse of power.  

It is time we hold accountable corrupt individuals abusing their power for self-serving political gains, instead of providing honest services for the people.

Stop assaulting or threatening citizens with heat rays or any kind of harm for exercising their right to protest freely and speak freely their views.  

Stop the hate speech and incitement of hate crimes in racism in clear violations of the law and basic human rights.  

Stop the grooming, the sexual abuse into sins of lust, and cavernous into compromised behaviors of treason and damnation.  

Stop the harm and destruction just because u can abuse power and abuse people.  

Just stop.

We need to elect leaders who will vigorously protect and defend:      America and its allies      Democracy      The Constitution      Human...