Thursday, June 6, 2024

D-Day 80th Anniversary


Thank you, Normandy veterans and allies for your bravery, sacrifice and valiant defense of freedom and democracy against the aggression of autocratic tyranny, fear and hate.  

Though it may be disheartening that ignorant cowards and haters once again gave rise to the same aggression of autocratic fear and hate, the heroes on D-day have made it possible for established beachheads of freedom, prosperity, democracy and security that we have today. 

They gave us hope that freedom, democracy, respect and love in fellowship for our fellow men and women will prevail.  

No matter the lies, the tearing down of our cherished democratic values, their sacrifice and bravery, honor and decency transcends their time in history as we remember the day freedom and democracy, honor and respect, established a permanent foothold on the beaches of Normandy.  

Thank you.

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