Wednesday, May 15, 2024

If you act, behave and commit lies like a liar then you are a liar, not to be trusted.

If you act, behave and commit heinous sexual abuse crimes like a cockroach then you are a cockroach, a rapist and sexual abuser.

If you act, behave and commit atrocities of spreading bioweapons and parasites of harm like a parasite then you are a parasite and terrorist, not a defender or protector of the people.


If you act, behave and commit crimes of treason by fraternizing with the enemy, selling out and abusing friendlies, allies and state secrets then you are a traitor, not a patriot.

Crimes of treason, crimes against humanity, abuses in abuse of power and terrorism must be accounted for on each count in order to have deterrents, defenses and trust in the democratic system of governance.

No one should be above the law or have the power to rule in callous disregard for the well-being of the people and abuse power in wanton sexual abuse crimes, aggravated abuses in terror, corruption and treason.

  Remember to honor and thank the fallen heroes that gave their lives for freedom and democracy.   May their sacrifices not be in vain.  Let...