Tuesday, April 2, 2024


What has been inconceivable to imagine in the nightmares of harm, now manifested into harsh realities of crimes against humanity so deprived of human decency and care, brought nothing but tragic consequences.  

What goes through the minds and hearts of those perpetrators so callous and ruthless in their actions without conscience?

It is as if those crimes against humanity perps were brought up by unholy animals, cruel, selfish, inconsiderate and devoid of any kindness, compassion and honor; hypocrites to their God and religion. 

Why practice the lies that deceive not only others, but also themselves in harm and crimes against humanity?  

Lies are by definition false statements which have no concrete bases in truth or facts; therefore, not reality based.  

False realities are like pipe dreams and ponzi schemes, unsustainable in reality, because in the end, it's just smoke and will dissipate in time.  

Building a future based upon smoke in delusions of grandeur fueled by abuse of power in power trips incited by fear and hate creates added and compound liabilities in economic depression and crimes against humanity.  

This will only denigrate culture and nation in degradation, especially if it is subjugated and oppressed under the unholy whims of the abuser-oppressor and his misled followers practicing exploitation, abuse, destruction and harm. 

This future created under such unholy conditions will be one of dissipated wealth, prosperity, salvation and enlightenment, because exploitation or holding of resources and destruction in fear, lies, abuse of power and crimes against humanity cannot sustain the processes necessary for economic growth, innovation and stewardship of the environment and the earth.

What is needed is a future created in enlightenment fueled by kindness and compassion, inspiring the needed innovations to seed the stewardship of the earth and to sow prosperity and peace. 

We need laws ruled by ethics, conscience, wisdom and justice, not broken rules of engagement, corruption and lies, whitewashing manipulations of greedful, hateful, fearful sins and crimes against humanity (especially just to satisfy the insatiable whims, wants, greed and lust in abuse of power of the unholy autocrat and autocratic wannabe).

Most importantly, we need leaders uncompromised or uncorrupted to serve the Lord and humanity and govern society.  

We cannot leave a future for our children and future generations an oppressed, corrupt and destructive society built upon nothing but smoke, hate, fear in lies where over time devolves into apocalyptic wastelands of devastation and destruction.

Imaginings of a false reality in grandeur does not create real wealth or prosperity and tripping on abuse of power and crimes against humanity in order to bleed the world dry of wealth in greed and whitewash it in war amounts to nothing but human pain and suffering in crimes against humanity.  

We need to resolutely fight this false reality and its manifestation of harm before this contagion of corruption, fear and hate generated by unconscionable greed and abuse of power irritability alters and jeopardizes the future of prosperity and peace.  

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