Sunday, March 24, 2024

Positive or Negative State

Our hearts, minds and souls created by the Lord and determined by our choices which forge our character exist naturally in a positive state or negative state.

Though we face trials and tribulations that cause spikes in negativity, it in these challenging experiences and in the passing tests of character, only fortifies our strengths and eliminates possible weaknesses now surmounted.

It can build character and resolve as well as self confidence and esteem.  

In facing these challenges:

When confused and confounded, best to follow the Sage, the wise teacher.  

When needing spiritual renewal or healing, connect to the Holy Spirit; humbly and earnestly pray for needs, not wants, in the healing or renewal.

When dealing with failings in  sins or problems of character, first confess or identify the issue then repent or address the problem and more importantly atone to root out the sins/issues.

By understanding the level of shame in atonement, what caused the sin to happen in the first place will help to break the cycle of sins and harm.

Thus expelling sins and recognizing failings, allowing for a better and more positive state of existence.

  When a person fails to act in good faith, that person is breaking his or her fiduciary duty, word, honor and the bond of trust.   And when...