Saturday, March 16, 2024


Let's review accomplice liability and co-conspirator liability and what it means.

When some is liable that person is legally answerable and considered responsible by law.

An accomplice assists the culprit in the commission of a crime.  

The assistance can be intentional or voluntary in some cases failure to prevent the commission of the crime.

In criminal law, an accomplice is criminally liable to the same extent as the principal.

What this means is that if the main culprit is charged for each count of crimes of sexual abuse and hate, then so too will the accomplice for the same.

The difference between accomplice liability and co-conspirator liability:

“Each state's criminal charges will vary. 

But typically, if an individual takes an active role in the planning of a crime, they will be charged with conspiracy. 

A conspirator agrees with others to commit a future crime, while an accomplice assists, in some way, in the actual commission of a crime. 

Furthermore, conspirators can be guilty even if the underlying crime is not committed.”*


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