Wednesday, February 21, 2024



What is the consequence of any perceived leader of the United States of America kowtowing to Putin's Russia?  

It implies that the U.S. and the rest of its leaders will also kowtow to Russia and Putin.  

Were this to happen, such supreme weakness by the United States would be not only an embarrassment on the world stage, but a signal that all, including our children, should bow before Putin and ignore the genocide and atrocities happening in Ukraine.

Should our kids visit any place outside our borders, especially Europe, their bowed appearance can never truly look at any one person in the eye.

Therefore, our leaders need to muster up the courage to bravely lead people away from and vigorously defend against the dangers of a corrupt and grandiose autocracy, colossal and inhumane blunders, apocalyptic atrocities and heinous crimes against humanity.

We do not need leaders leading us into subjugation with a Putin's Russia bent of world conquest and domination at any cost without regard for human life.

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