Monday, January 1, 2024


"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth," said Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:5).

Why then do Christians turn away from meek and Jesus's prophecy?

What is so bad about being meek?  

And do you think those people who do not believe in being meek and this prophecy know more than Jesus or even have the moral authority to override and contradict Christ?

In today's day and age there are those who are groomed to believe that ruthlessness and cruelty are strengths;  

That you can and should bully people around until you get your way or even assault and take what you want even if it does not belong to you.  

The Golden Rule does not apply when it stands in the way of getting what you want and neither does any rule of law.  

Unfortunately, kids growing up in this type of environment see that it is true the Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest on steroids of power trips and abuse of power.  

No one wants to be victims of abuse or be seen as weak, open to abuse and abusive practices; therefore, those groomed kids emulate perceived strengths in aggression and selfish desires (in narcissistic grandiose grandeur) to deal with problem encounters in life.

So, what's the problem here?  

When aggressive kids grow up with their fingers on guns and nuclear weapons?

When kids are taught to take what they want, what countries or conquests would be "taken" then and at what cost?  

Take a look at the state of the world, then answer these questions.  

And while you are at it, take a look in the dictionaries and see how meekness is defined to understand the underlying contempt for meek and in turn Christ's teachings (as if anyone has the authority to contradict Jesus).  


Submission to the Lord, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is not submission to bullies, aggressors, abusers and terrorists.  

Having a peaceful and gentle attitude and being or meekness, does not mean consent or submission to abuse and abusers.  

Having calmness under fire and being able to receive the wisdom of Christ, the Lord and Holy Spirit is not a weakness; 

And neither is having the wisdom to know the difference between what can be controlled and what cannot (Serenity Prayer) and the difference between true strength and real weaknesses.  

In the battlefield as in life, when a person lacks the courage to remain calm under fire and fight for freedom, against aggressors and a more just and peaceful world then what is the meaning and purpose of life?  

To abuse and bully, exploit everything until there is nothing left, but a wasteland and hurt and harm anything that stands in the way (of those grandiose glory in narcissistic desires and power trips in cardinal sins of lust and greed)?  

What does it mean to be a Christian then?

Or an honorable and decent person?  

For the new year, perhaps answer these questions before making your new year resolutions.

How to get to peace without a peaceful heart?  

And how to get to wisdom and best practices without the peaceful ability to receive the Lord's wisdom and follow Christ's teachings (which does not mean not defending against aggression or aggressors or traitors and terrorists).  

It means having the best and wisest strategies to defend and overcome incursions and aggression (by being calm enough to receive help from the Holy Spirit) to have the courage in calmness to see clearly under fire and deploy best strategies.

Hopefully in the new year, you can find a wise teacher like Jesus, to help you guide your way to peace and salvation.  

Have a happy and safe New Year. 

  “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”        ...