Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Why is it that I feel as if some people are stuck in the past of  
archaic relevance, never updated?  

Playing on game boards long turned into dust, on its mirages of the distant past?  

Not understanding the light speed of technology and prosperity (once formed, invested and built upon) and what it means in relation to power and sustainability.  

It's as if an antiquated mastermind, lost in concepts of power and control way past its prime, acting like the world can spin backwards in time, is constantly manipulating to hold the world back from prosperity and peace.  

And that people are brainwashed into thinking that the world can actually spin backwards;

I feel like saying the year is 2023, not 1950s or even 1990; the Cold War long over these past thirty some years.  

In that time, the world has gone digital, transitioned over to the Web, carry supercomputers in its pockets, and can connect to anywhere in the world with a touch of a button. 

And the world has made far reaching advancements in healthcare and technology at super light speed (that few back then can imagine) and countless upgrades.

So why are some still not with it, not upgraded and cannot see the vast differences between the times?  

And not understanding and never figuring out why that in the long run, after all the chips are counted, things will never turn out the way schemed.

Grandiose Ponzi schemes in lies and fraud will not lead to innovations that will lead to the knowledge of prosperity and peace and ultimately, power.

Knowledge is power, not hate.  

Hate can't innovate or dispel ignorance; and tripping on power, blinded by hate or greed or any one of the deadly sins, will not achieve wisdom or enlightenment and ultimately, power.

The loss of credibility and respectability and bad practices in archaic ignorance leads to losses of knowledge, prosperity standing and real power.

Do you think doubling down on liabilities and sins perpetually is sustainable?  

That bankruptcy, economic depression and damnation will somehow lead to greater wealth and power?  

No matter how ruthless or power tripping invincibility a mastermind is, it still will not lead to the knowledge needed to become a superpower.  

Neither will weapons generate the knowledge needed to sustain the title of superpower.  

Neither will turning the world into a starving wasteland turn back time.

Or bring on salvation.

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