Thursday, December 21, 2023

Corruption in Sin

Corruption of the soul or the practice of sin, hampers the sinner from having real connections.

Because the veil of sin blocks and taints the soul, poisons the mind and heart of the sinner.  

Without the connection to the Holy Spirit, the sinner becomes vulnerable to even more and greater corruptive practices.  

Locked behind the self infected prison of sins the danger of eternal damnation greatly increases, especially if the sins involve harming innocents.  

Therefore, it is vital to not only guard against sin and sinners corrupting, and be vigilant, but also maintain a healthy spiritual process of identifying sin, confessing the sin, repenting and atoning in order to once again connect and receive the Holy Spirit.  

Without real connections with even oneself in spiritual harmony with the Lord and the world, there are no relationships not tainted or blocked by sin.  

In other words, no true intimacy or true "careless whispers of a good friend".*

The lies or sinful behaviors will accrue until dealt with in the process of redemption.  

Therefore, it is vital for ones salvation to maintain and have a process by which to clean oneself up and free oneself from the prison of corruption and spiritual rot in sins.  

The unhealthy practice of blaming others, especially the victim, only prevents the sinner from receiving salvation or any kind of real fellowship in love.  

There is no situation or excuse where sin is allowed, because any kind of sin corrupts and becomes damning. 

There is a vast difference between realizing that we may all have faults and accepting the grooming fallacy that we are all sinners, because not everyone is a liar or a sinner, thus as sinners we should be accepting of sin, corruption and ultimately damnation (fallacy).  

The fact that so many churches fall prey to this type of grooming by sinners with reams of excuses to continue sinning and harming, is troubling.  

Churches that become susceptible to grooming no longer are beacons of Light and Life.

Because the churches fall prey to corruption (in sinful complicity and even collusion of sin) preach bypassing redemption and therefore salvation altogether, these churches no longer have the moral authority to direct or shepherd the spiritual life of its congregants.

Therefore, it falls upon the lay person and congregation to ensure and check the quality of the church, the ministers and priests to make sure that they do not also fall prey to the grooming in sin and corruption in hypocrisy and damnation. 

*From song, "Careless Whispers" by Wham 

  “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”        ...